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LCL Cargo Shipments

For customers looking to ship items that do not fill up one container, Loose Cargo Shipments are the way to go. From one box all the way to five hundred boxes, we can ship your goods to wherever you need them nationwide.

Depending on the customers choice of convenience or cost, you have the choice to drop it off at our designated yard locations or we can arrange to pick it up for you. Loose cargo shipments are charged by weight rate (by kilogram) or volume rate (by cubic meter), which is higher.

FCL Cargo Shipments

If you require shipping for one whole container, we are able to provide. you hassle free service of either pier, door to door, pier to door, door to pier - whichever mode of service will be the most cost effective and convenient for you. Because we ship with all the major shipping companies, we are able to offer you better rates and services than directly dealing with the shipping lines themselves.


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